Best easy care indoor plants

Best easy care indoor plants

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Best easy care indoor plants good for indoor, these are easy to care for, drought tolerant and easy to grow in most light types, Suitable for small to medium sized containers.

If you’re starting with a pot or small container of soil or potting mix, you need to carefully scoop out the container and soak all of the soil. The soil and potting mix should be damp. Mix with the container to get rid of any clumps and press down the soil.

Add seeds or seedlings, so long as the container is securely packed down.

Fill your soil with growing media, either damp soil, vermiculite, perlite, pebbles or gravel.

If using a pack of soil, add more of it if you need to.

Tip your containers into your plant tray and water with an eyedropper or a watering can, paying particular attention to any edges of the pot that may be dry.

Now, plant your plants! Some seeds require light to help them to germinate, so you might need to place your tray of trays in the sun or a bright window for a few hours.

Alternatively, you can buy grow lights that have light bulbs arranged to fit inside the plant tray, and you can buy them cheaply on Amazon.

Watering your plants is essential for them to grow, and it can be done either with a watering can, with an eyedropper or by using a plant mister.

Choosing the Best Easy Care Plants for Indoor Gardening

You can grow plants indoors for many reasons – you may want to grow them in cooler or draughtier conditions or you may need them for environmental reasons, such as to give you a fresh, natural scent when you open the windows.

There are so many different plants, vegetables, fruits and herbs you can grow in your home that we’ve put together a list of the best easy care plants for indoor gardening, according to their requirements.

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Best Easy Care Plants for Indoor Gardening:

1. African Violets

African violets are low-maintenance and drought tolerant, and make great additions to any interior space. They’re available in many different colors and have beautiful, fragrant foliage, and they are perfectly easy to care for.

You only need to water them weekly if they’re grown indoors in a sunny location. Be sure to mist the leaves and keep your room well ventilated, as they can quickly overheat the space they’re in.

2. Air Plant/Fish Tank Plants

With a variety of sizes and colors, these plants are perfect for adding a touch of nature to any room. They’re one of the best plants for creating a visual splash in a space, as their large, waxy leaves are striking to look at, and they can look good when arranged in bouquets.

Even though they’re nocturnal, you can easily grow them indoors as they require little care and can survive over long periods of time.

Best Easy Care Plants for Indoor Gardening:

3. African Jasmine

These plants are a truly versatile addition to your indoor garden and grow well in both warm and cold environments. As they only need an inch of water weekly, they are a great plant for the greenhouse, conservatory, or as a hanging plant.

The result is a very wide, yet compact vine, with clusters of fragrant, berry-shaped flowers. They’re easy to grow, as the roots produce sufficient water when they’re established, and the few leaves you do need to water need minimal effort.

4. Baby Phlox

These beautiful plants are perfect for large indoor spaces, and are a great option for growing indoors as they only require a sunny windowsill and a weekly misting of the foliage to keep them hydrated.

With slightly fuzzy leaves, and beautiful flowers, they’re also great at creating a natural, subtle fragrance in the room. This is one of the best easy care plants for indoor gardening.

Best Easy Care Plants for Indoor Gardening:

5. African Marigold

African marigolds are a beautifully fragrant flowering plant, and can be grown in areas of shade or sun, indoors or out. They’re low-maintenance and don’t need much care, as they only need to be repotting if their rootballs are cracked or broken.

Their bright yellow, orange, or red flowers will brighten up any area, as well as adding an unusual and fragrant scent to the air.

6. African Lily