Cherry tomatoes: growing from seeds, planting and care in the open field

Cherry tomatoes: growing from seeds, planting and care in the open field

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Garden plants

Small cherry tomatoes are loved by many gardeners: small, but tasty, they are used for making salads, and for pickling, and for decorating dishes. Cherry is an ingredient in some diets. Plus, growing these small tomatoes won't take a heroic effort - cherry blossoms are not capricious.
However, this variety of tomatoes has its own characteristics and requirements. Here we will talk about them today.

Growing cherry from seeds

Growing cherry seedlings

The process of growing cherry seedlings is practically the same as growing ordinary-sized tomatoes, but there are still some differences.

Sowing cherry seeds for seedlings is carried out at the beginning of April, and it is advisable to use not a general container for sowing, but peat tablets or pots filled with a loose substrate saturated with microelements from peat, sawdust and high-quality humus.

Soil for seedlings purchased in the store does not need preliminary processing, but if you made up the substrate yourself, spill it two weeks before sowing with a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and then dry it to a slightly damp state and keep it under a film until sowing.

In the photo: Supplementing tomato seedlings

Sowing cherry seeds in a container is done according to the usual scheme for tomatoes: they are buried no more than 3 cm, then watered with warm water and covered with glass, cling film or a transparent lid to create a greenhouse effect. In order for the seeds to sprout together, the crops should be placed in warmth and artificially increased the length of daylight hours to 12-14 hours.

Growing tomatoes in the garden - planting and care

Cherry tomatoes of any variety, if they were originally sown in one container, at the stage of formation in seedlings of 4 leaves, require a mandatory pick with a root shortening by a third of the length. This will give good seedlings in the future with a developed root system. After picking, you can carry out the first top dressing using sodium humate.

Photo: Tomato seedlings in peat pots

Strong and healthy cherry seedlings should have the following characteristics at the time of transplantation:

  • developed root system;
  • saturated and maximally uniform color;
  • height about 30 cm;
  • at least 8-9 well-developed leaves.

Planting cherry seedlings in the ground

Gardeners middle lane and more northern regions it is advised to plant cherry seedlings in protected ground, that is, in a greenhouse, since the temperature in it does not drop below 15 ºC. In other areas, it is possible to continue growing crops in the open field.

Before transplanting cherry blossoms into the garden, carry out a series of hardening procedures: take out the seedlings daily for a while in the open air, so that the seedlings gradually adapt to the external environment. Stop watering the seedlings before planting in the ground.

In the photo: Cherry tomato seedlings ready for planting

Preparing a garden bed for cherry does not require special skills, but you should adhere to the following criteria:

  • the bed must be at least 20 cm above ground level;
  • it is necessary to provide for the risk of water stagnation and, if necessary, lay a drainage layer under the ground;
  • seedlings should be placed at a distance of 50 cm from each other so that air circulates freely between them and dampness does not accumulate;
  • the depth of the cherry holes is about 15 cm.

Caring for cherry bushes in the open field

Patching cherry bushes is necessary, but before doing it, carefully examine the whip. Before the fruit ovary, you should not get carried away with pinching, but when the fruits begin to form, carefully observe the appearance of processes and remove them in time so that the bush does not feed unnecessary organs. Watering cherry tomatoes is required daily, but the water consumption should be moderate: excess moisture will make itself felt with cracks on the tomatoes, a watery texture and a pale color of the fruit.

In the photo: Watering tomato seedlings

The optimal composition of cherry dressing is quite complex, since it contains many elements. In order to cook it yourself, you need skills and special knowledge. For this purpose, it is easier for beginners to use the fertilizers Effekton or Kemira purchased in specialized stores - balanced mixtures that promote the growth and development of tomatoes. Mineral dressing is introduced until the ovary appears, and in the future it will be enough to sprinkle the area with cherry wood ash once a week. Cherry tomatoes of any variety are harvested as the fruits ripen.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse - everything you need to know

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Cherry species

The name for the tomato was not invented by chance. Literally it translates as "cherry". But this does not mean at all that all fruits are small, round and red. There are thousands of different types of these tomatoes. They are oval, oblong, green and yellow. The peculiarities of their breeding are different, depending on the cultivated regions and the type of variety.

Cherries grown in the garden mainly have tall bushes of two meters or more.

By weight criteria, they are divided into two types:

  1. Berry. The smallest weighing from 4 grams. They have a sweet taste of berries and tomatoes at the same time. Mainly grown for salads or desserts.
  2. Cocktail. Weigh from 20 to 50 grams. It tastes like sweet and sour tomatoes, but there are exclusive varieties.

The most famous cherry varieties:

  1. Ocean.
  2. Elf.
  3. White nutmeg.
  4. Cherry Blosem.
  5. Green grapes.
  6. Balcony miracle.
  7. Sweet cherry.
  8. Strawberry.
  9. Fingers.

Small varieties are chosen for their compactness, sugar flavor, rich taste. It is necessary to learn how to plant them correctly.

How to prepare seeds for planting

The technology for growing tomatoes in the open field includes the following stages:

  • seed preparation for planting
  • growing seedlings
  • planting seeds in open ground
  • planting seedlings
  • care of the culture.

The preparation of planting material is carried out at the beginning of March. One of the following manipulations is carried out with seeds:

  • soak for five minutes in 5% salt solution
  • place the seeds in linen bags and heat in the oven at a temperature of +50 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes
  • Soak the seed in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for 45 minutes
  • before planting, soak the seeds for a day to swell.

The preparation of planting material can also be carried out by dipping in cold water for 3 minutes. It is not recommended to place seeds in fertilizer or ash solutions.

Varieties for seedlings are sown no earlier than March 7 (late crops) and no later than early April (early ripening selections) in loose soil with low acidity.

Watering cherry tomatoes

Timely watering is very important for small-fruited tomatoes, but balance must be struck. They do not like long-term drying out of the soil - the fruits are immediately covered with a network of small brown cracks. Waterlogging leads to the fact that the fruits become watery, fresh and begin to burst, and the bushes get sick.

It is recommended to moisten the soil in the evening or on a cloudy day before loosening the soil, spending up to 8-10 liters of water for each bush.

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